From Customer Satisfaction to Customer Delight-A New Trend in Hospitality Industry

Hospitality industry is an ever growing industry; this is supported by the inflow of tourists’ figures from different parts of the world. This industry is extremely competitive as many trend setting hotels have made their entry in different parts of the world, thanks to the concept of globalization. This amount of competition does not allow any organization in the industry to be satisfied simply with customer satisfaction and this has been replaced with the more vibrant concept of customer delight.

Delight has its impact on the firm’s financial statements as well, because it directly leads to customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is the outcome of customer delight and customer loyalty is the need of every firm for its successful operation. Hospitality industry is growing exponentially with the rate of 8% plus and therefore it’s imperative for every firm not just to generate new customers but also to retain them. Customer delight if maintained for a considerable period leads to the generation of goodwill which in turn increases the Brand value of the firm in hospitality industry.

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