• Being recognized, and awarded as “The Most Customer centric Organization” in your own industry in the MENA Region.
  • Becoming the Fellow member of “The Institute of Sales & Marketing management” for one year, and benefiting from lots of values for one year.
  • A Fantastic Networking opportunity with all top notch companies from among 25 countries.
  • Receiving your Award from some of the World’s Top celebrities such as Barry Gibbons (5 year Global CEO of Burger King), and Jeff Fahey (Hollywood Movie star) and few others.
  • Great Pre, and Post Media Coverage of the award, and winners for Marketing, and Branding Purposes.
  • Proving your achievements, and success to your Customers,
    Competitors, and all Stakeholders, and boosting
    the morale of your organization, and further improving
    your relationship with your Customers, and Suppliers.
  • Learning some of the most important and practical tips,
    and techniques on Customer Delight from some
    of the greatest speakers on the night.

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