About the ALU
About the ALU

The American Liberty University has grown to become a worldwide, highly trusted educational institution. Our stated mission is to promote excellence in higher education. The ALU’s most valuable assets are our experienced and qualified faculty, staff and administrators. We insist upon providing a superb education to qualified students who deserve the greatest possibilities available to promote their learning and success.

The A.L.U. has chosen to combine a unique educational approach with a standard curriculum, including on-and-off campus courses, research, group studying, seminars, continuing education (CE) and on-line programs. The A.L.U. also offers weekend classes, all of which contribute toward maximizing educational opportunities.

Further more:
  • ALU has been established on March 21, 1999 in the State of California , South Dakota , Montana and Alabama . ALU has offered classes and courses all over US as well.
  • ALU has expanded its overseas businesses in England then Greece , Canada , Korea , China , Japan , France , Germany , UAE, Saudi Arabia , Egypt , Jordan , Singapore , Malaysia , Vietnam , Indonesia , India , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Africa and etc. ALU is offering its classes, courses, seminar and educational, medical and research activities all over the world now. 
  • The University has been licensed and approved in the State of California as a Private Post Secondary Degree Granting University .
  •  Classes are offered in such areas where sufficient interest has manifested.
  •  The ALU consists of the College of Health Sciences , College of Business Administration , and School of English . The university has the capability of offering instruction in various other areas of study as well. 
  •  Communication channels between ALU students and faculty embrace all state-of-the are technologies.
  •  Complete records of students are kept to ensure maximum consultation efficiency.
  •  The A.L.U policies conform to the dictates of the various educational laws of the U.S. and any applicable state statutes, as well as those of the various nations of the student body
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